Cute way to serve food

Add in your colors to the cocktail hour with fun hors d’oeuvres like wasabi pea-crusted bay scallops, edamame and lobster trifle, and Asian tuna tartare. Catering by Shai Tertner for Shiraz NYC

Tips For Plating Like A Chef

Make Your Dishes Instagram-Worthy with These Simple Plating Tips

You've heard countless times that we eat first with our eyes, but how often in our kitchens do we take the time to make that first impression really stand out

of paper and things: eat | flavored ice cubes

Fruity summer striped ice cubes with fruit juices/smoothies and coconut milk; recipe and how-to from Oh Joy!

Asceptic plating technique

When working with media and reagents used to culture microorganisms, aseptic technique must be practiced to ensure contamination is.