Needlepoint Instruction - Stitches

Charts and instructions for all kinds of needlepoint stitches.

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Needlepoint Instruction - Stitches

Needlepoint Instruction - Stitches

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How Do I Love Thee —

How Do I Love Thee

Feathers for Wings

Feathers for Wings - Sheena's Sweet Stitches

Woven Ribbon Stitch

Woven Whimsy

Needlepoint Study Hall

Needlepoint Study Hall

Viviane Alfêna

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  • katie f
    katie f

    What's happening on the last line?

  • Janet Perry (Napa Needlepoint)
    Janet Perry (Napa Needlepoint)

    It looks as if those are letters that do not appear in sequence. Notice that in the rest of the chart there is no K,Y, or W.

Satin stitch is a beautiful embroidery stitch, but sometimes embroidering a perfectly round dot in satin stitch can be a challenge. Here's a step by step tutorial that will make it easy!

Satin Stitched Dot Tutorial – Needle’

Belly Feathers Stitch - NeedlepointTeache...

Belly Feathers Stitch -

Pretty cool background stitch

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BASKET STITCH: Stitch the long stitches first using a using a subtle over dye. Make sure your stitches are tight. For best results stitch on a frame. Stitch the tabs by using a solid thread to compliment the over dye. This is a great stitch for baskets, and wicker effect.

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Rittenhouse Needlepoint: Stitch of the Week: Dutch

Stitch of the Week: Dutch

STAGGERED CROSS - Use for clothing or landscape areas.

February 1...there is a lot going on.

Needlework, Embroidery Stitches Thread, Embroidery Crafts

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Diagonal Wheat Stitch - NeedlepointTeache...

Diagonal Wheat Stitch -



Jacquard Palace Pattern

Melitastitches4fun's Blog

Pineapple Stitch

The Pineapple Stitch

Stitch 64 - Algerian Filling Stitch

Needlepoint Stitch Collection 3

couching stitches

patternprints journal: Feb 20, 2012

Nice background stitch - should be worked with one ply of thread

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ScotchCrossed.jpg (304×218)

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needlepoint stitch

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Creating Wrapped Cords

Creating Wrapped Cords - Nuts about Needlepoint

Corn Field - Needlepoint Teacher

Susan Sturgeon Roberts -

Dragon Hide Stitch & Variations - NeedlepointTeache...

Dragon Hide Stitch & Variations -

Reverse Chain Stitch

Reverse Chain Stitch Speeds Things Up