INA / 14yo. ftsdq💕
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Oh Harry

The disappointment on Liam's face. but harry was soooo off hahahahha

Street #style

Caroline Blomst: coat zara / bag + sneakers chanel / cashmere knit + jeans my own collection / beanie fwss.

really mikey? get in the picture!, don't be antisocial!

seriously thought that was a green fluff ball by Ashton's hand but. its just Michael xD>>> taking a picture of the fans.he probably wasn't even paying attention

This picture somehow summarizes 5 seconds of summer. Here it is. Right here. The picture says it all.

This picture somehow summarizes 5 seconds of summer. The picture says it all.<<<Calum is always confused.i thought luke was licking ash<<<WHAT

I like Kendall, actually she resembles me with dark hair

Kendall Jenner style and outfits are always praised by fashion-forward people because she is always experimenting with her beauty looks. Girls are extremely