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Intersectional feminist, Potterhead, nerd supreme. Drinker of chai and coffee. Screams a lot. Probably listening to Hamilton right now.
Hani B
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im gonna cry this is not ok im pretty sure hes trying to slowly kill us

Miraculous Ladybug & Chat Noir - Thomas Astruc about Cat Noir in Animan Episode

outoftime (Ladybug comic) by she-sells-seagulls.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

outoftime (Ladybug comic) by she-sells-seagulls on DeviantArt

((non-stop plays in the distance)) Hamilton, chill.

((non-stop plays in the distance)) Hamilton, chill. Um are you doin' a little foreshadowing there Mr.

okay this is completely and totally precious ahh cute little bbies I cant handle it

This Is For The Potter Generation...

This Is For The Potter Generation.>>> I can honestly say the same thing about Percy Jackson. I grew up with Harry Potter- I love the books- I did with Percy Jackson, and it breaks my heart knowing BoO was Percy Jackson's final adventure.