Good Morning Frenchie - I can't even begin to describe the ADORABLE-NESS of this puppy! I love the patches on his face!

Baby bullies looking like animated characters :D

Aww, cute little English bull terrier puppies. Look at that face!

doxie - love her! I have a doxie too, back home.

"Puppy Love" -- *Chocolate Labrador Puppy* ---- [Photographer S.

sleepy pup.

Will you lay down with me until I fall asleep? So cute!

Soft :)

"So cute, and so sad. Don't I make you sad?

puppy paws <3

one big step, little short legs….

english bull terriers i HEART you!

Little grandpa face :)

Awww its got crumbs on its face

I want to scoop up this pug puppy and take him home! Literally exactly what I want:)!

Dachshund puppies

Here, lemme help you. (Oh the little baby Dachshunds!

I want to adopt a pound puppy untitled by Bazzerio on

tummy tumtums.

Bull Terrier wrinkles - "hold me back" - Photo by Alyat

Sad face needs a hug :(

Cushion fort pug pug Little cute pug puppy puggie belly pug love

Loose skin :D

Meet the new Marine Corps mascot, Chesty. Traditionally, the Marine Corps’ mascot has always been an English bulldog.


Blue Polka Dot Dog Cat Harness Vest with by graciespawprints, I REALLY want this dog! So pretty :D and the vest is adorable.