Sasuke - Naruto The Last

Sasuke - Naruto The Last this is a good driving and wow I'm bad at spelling


Naruto Uzumaki & Kurama/Kyuubi my favorite childhood is HOKAGE. The mian character is Naruto. But he got many friend.

Madara Uchiha The God Of Shinobi. The Man who took on the entire shinobi alliance and showed them the meaning of fear.

Uzumaki Naruto, Jinchuuriki, Nine Tails Mode, four tails, version 2 form;


Sasuke and Sarada both have that overwhelming pride that all Uchiha have, they can't admit they just wanna hug each ither all day. I love them, like father like daughter (She's just like her mom in her head though 😂).

Naruto's such an amazing and inspiring character, it just gives me goosebumps :') "Genuine kindness takes you much further than physical strength. but if you need to put someone in their place, do it, and do it well.