Hand of the Mysteries is the alchemical symbol for the transformation of man into god.

mind of the microcosm The "Hand of the Philosopher" or the "Hand of the Mysteries" One of my favs! The Hand of the Mysteries, which .

Alice in Wonderland

alice_(wonderland) alice_in_wonderland apron blue_eyes brown_hair bubble bunny card dress fish highres long_hair mad_hatter ooi_choon_liang thighhighs underwater white_rabbit

"one of the probabilities" by Sonja Tines

Really nice ❤️ Saatchi Online Artist: Sonja Tines; Oil, Painting "one of the probabilities"

"The Wild Swans" illus. Susan Jeffers

"The Wild Swans" illus. Susan Jeffers (The picture book I grew up with, the illustrations of which had a huge influence on The Swan Kingdom)


Row Row Row Your Boat Gently Down the Stars ~ artist BeautifulUrself

Indian worker dries dye for Holi Festival of Colours |

A worker dries colored powder in preparation for the Holi festivities in New Delhi, India. I must attend this festival (spring time)