Color's of our world...

Do You love the color of the Sky? Coolest pin ever I love the color of sky!

Powerful lesson

“When you say things in anger, they leave permanent scars just like these. And no matter how many times you say you’re sorry, the wounds will still be there.” --- I thought the father was going to say, "You nailed it.

Wow made me cry


Read this. Just read it. Forewarning: you might cry. I did. This is the best thing I have ever read. I have pinned hundreds of quotes.this is the saddest thing I have ever read in my life.

And I will see that you are perfect the way you are.

Your Beautiful to me in so many ways. I love you Beautiful Girl! Your beauty makes this world a better place. I'm so thankful I have had the chance to experience pure natural beauty, your beauty. Xox :) :) and I'll always remind you how beautiful you are.

Please read this <3

You are worth it! God is always there for you even when we feel like we're not worth it. he's there holding our hand and guiding us to him

I saw a lady in her 80's checking herself out in a mirror today. She said "Once I was young and beautiful. Now I'm just beautiful."  SLAY

Life Quote: I saw a lady in her checking herself out in a mirror today. She said "Once I was young and beautiful. Now I'm just beautiful.

Wow. I love this guy.

I just took advice from a redneck and got her flowers and cleaned the house. Insert successkidmeme.jpg

We'll said Uncle Si, this is not man bashing or feminist rhetoric.just the truth from a man who appreciates his wife!

Truthfully, those who know me love and admire me for these qualities - and they don't think I'm a bitch, either!

I am going to start living like this. So all you people who call me a bitch, well here it is! I am a bitch! Get over it!

We've all been here. Too broken hearted to speak. I never thought about my tears being a prayer, too. Thank you, God

Photo (Faith Inspiration)

So true! It's so nice to know that when in prayer all you can do is cry, the Lord knows the words every tear holds and when you feel you've said nothing, you've actually said more than mouth full of words could ever say! God is good!

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