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Blurry blood covered hands | кровь, смерть, руки

When Macbeth murders Duncan, he gets blood on his hands - both literally and figuratively. The blood represents the guilt that he will feel throughout the rest of the play.

Favoriten | Tumblr found on Polyvore featuring pictures, backgrounds, fillers, blood, people and effect

I looked down at the blood that caked my hands They all lay in pile at my feet, blood surrounding them all like a river. I had just murdered a hall full of murderers I became a murderer Twylla Heather is stiiiilll watching u steal my boards

{open: david} [TW : BLOOD / PAIN] Well..i wasn't inside the school this time.. I was on the roof. I had gotten a new phone. But it still had all the old messages. I decided to make myself sad and read through them again. And then..bam..wall. No more phone. I look down at my hand. Huh. Blood. That's a new one. I sit on the roof, swinging my legs, isn't it easy to just.. I hear a voice and look up

When Bruce comes in with bloody hands and an even bloodier grimace, nobody asks a single question. Not about the bruise on his cheek, nor the way his knuckles are busted. Nobody fucks with him and gets away with it.

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Something is not right about what I’m doing but I’m still doing it—living in the worst parts, ruining myself. My inner life is a sheet of black glass. The enormity of my desire disgusts me.