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"Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it." ~BuddhaThere is no greater purpose then for the soul to serve others through the unbridled expression of its unique talents. Today is the Spiritual Law of Dharma.

I adore this saying... I agree it would be a fabulous tattoo quote! I would like his to say The sun loved the moon so much.... (with the dots) then I would have ....he died every night to let her breathe would have double sided meaning for me too! ~XV


via: Expecting happiness without constantly choosing joy is like trying to lose weight by only eating better once. We have to consciously and consistently choose to see the positive over the negative. Even when the negatives out way the positives, you...


Absolutely! We are HUMAN! There are some people who, because of my profession, expect unrealistic things from me. I am HUMAN in every situation, particularly my PERSONAL LIFE. Use your brain for once and get a life!