By the Sea - Is he lonely or just enjoying the view? Or perhaps a little of both.


ripple on the ocean floor Enjoy how the light looks reflecting off the water, could try to recreate this effectively now that we have moved into colour

sea turtle

Sea Turtle In Hanauma Bay In Oahu, Hawaii… By Beck Impressions Photography Awesome Pictures, Sea

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Black sand beach, probably in Iceland. (I'm only saying that because I've seen other pictures from Iceland, and this looks familiar.


A lot of beach, ocean, sea . other than that, who know what I'll find as I wander?


You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore" –Christopher Columbus


Lifeguard tower on the beach. Wall Decal

Lifeguard tower, this is where Mike and I would always go sit when we were We would also go sit there at night and bring all the stuff to make banana splits!