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What is Vos didn't have a faceplate... (by dataglitch)

What if Vos didn't have a faceplate. (by dataglitch)

Optimus Prime -

I love the Transformers designs from the original animated series, and these comic cover illustrations created by for Optimus Prime and Megatron are pretty badass. I like the hardcore grittiness he gives the characters.

Transformers - Decepticons - Soundwave - Information

Transformers - Decepticons - Soundwave - Information Control. Truth is a point of view, not a reality.

Tags: Anime, Transformers, Soundwave (Transformers), Cyber, Mecha, Covering Face

Transformers - Soundwave by *digital-Rat. I just realized something. The Decepticon symbol looks like Soundwave. Pinner's note: Soundwave was a jerk, yeah.