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hair style

hair style

  • 25 Pins

simple is the best #hair

perfection =) #hair #braid

  • Anne Davies
    Anne Davies

    Quite the braid

  • Courtney Triggs
    Courtney Triggs


red and curly #hair #curly

  • Tiffany S.
    Tiffany S.

    Don't think I have the guts but sure would like try red one day

  • Amber Rudolph
    Amber Rudolph

    I LOVE my natural curls & red hair!

  • Theresa Weckerle
    Theresa Weckerle

    Me too Love my natural curls and red hair

how to- pony #hair #pony

How to Fishtail braid #braid #hair

braid #hair braid

nice bangs #hair

red Ponytail #hair

. #hair

purple! #hair


Lauren Conrad in perfection :) #hair

wanna #hair

Braids!=) #hair

curly!! #hair

Cool Curly Hair
  • Excuse Our Mess {Erin Foerch}
    Excuse Our Mess {Erin Foerch}

    How to hair

  • Paola Santos
    Paola Santos

    that is not curly,that is wavy,if you think that is curly, your hair is straigh

cornrow-styles #hair

updo style #hair

brides hairstyle #hair

blonde highlights #hair

Living free tonight: elokuu 2014
  • Layla Tugwell
    Layla Tugwell

    Beautiful color :-)

  • Brittany Graham
    Brittany Graham

    I want this color

  • Kristina Lee
    Kristina Lee

    @gina pearl great color for you

black hair with purple highlights #hair

  • Andy-Jenny Carlton
    Andy-Jenny Carlton

    I'm going to do black & purple under.

  • Cercee Morphis
    Cercee Morphis

    Always wanted to do purple highlights in my hair!

  • Tia Dubé
    Tia Dubé

    I saw a hairdresser who did this color - it was beautiful!

  • Lexi Wahmhoff
    Lexi Wahmhoff

    I had my hair that colour. It's pink now, but it was always really pretty.

  • Firuze Candogan
    Firuze Candogan

    I did it but after 2 weeks, it turned yellow :)


red highlights #hair

  • Barbara Saverino
    Barbara Saverino

    Can't decide between this and purple!

purple #hair

  • Melissa McFarland Kline
    Melissa McFarland Kline

    Just a hint of purple!

like it #hair