Theo James

Theo James from the "Divergent" movie franchise pulls off his retro inspired style with the help of a pair of rounded, clear sunglasses!

Lip Gallagher - Shameless US

Shameless: “Lip” (Phillip) Gallagher [ENTP] Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Lip’s intelligence isn’t that he’s brilliant, but rather that he’s good at figuring out what others want (with a Karen-sized.

(Open) Ian scrubs at a small spot in his staff. His hands couldn't stop shaking. He had to kill. He has resisted the urge for a month now, but it was too strong.

((Open)) Ian stares through the chain link fence. He hated the lack of respect he was getting. He was Alpha! He deserved it!

jeremiah 29:11

INTERESTING STORY OF MY BORING LIFE: Yesterday i found out that my friend love Bughead, Jughead n mainly Riverdale as much as me.