All-Time-Best Inner-Thigh Exercises

14 Ways to Tone the Inner Thighs - A toned inner thigh is a healthy inner thigh — attractive and strong. So show yours some love with these 14 inner-thigh exercises that will keep you feeling confident in your legging and tights all Winter long.

Want sculpted, defined arms? Take our 21-day arm challenge to see results in just three weeks.

Sculpt and Strengthen Your Arms With This 3-Week Challenge

Disney Scenes by Thomas Kincade. I got one this year and want to collect them all :)

Disney Scenes by Thomas Kincade. I saw these in painting form on my cruise on the Disney Dream in June. I love the Tangled one, the Little Mermaid one, and the Princess on the Frog one. Also the Beauty and the Beast one. But they're all so cool.

These inner thigh moves are so effective - I felt the burn right away.

Slim Your Inner Thighs With Our 5-Minute Workout

This 5 minute workout combines cardio and strengthening moves to target your inner and outer thighs instantly — your upper legs are guaranteed to be on fire by the end.

Gerard Butler. p.s. i love you nims island how to train your dragon. the list goes on and on! but i will always know him as 'andre merrick' from 'timeline'

Gerard butler Wallpapers HD, Desktop Backgrounds, Images and Pictures

Rosalina Neri | The Best Photos Of Marilyn Monroe.....That Aren't Marilyn Monroe

Rosalina Neri, "Italy's Marilyn Monroe", has several photos that are mistaken for Marilyn, but this one circulates most often and has even had Marilyn's face photoshopped onto it, as have some other photos of Rosalina. NOT Marilyn Monroe.

mickeyandcompany: A Whole New World, by Megan Carrigan

A Whole New World inch Fine Art Quality Print. Printed on Lustre Paper to bring out vibrancy in watercolors. All prints are hand signed by the artist.