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Upcycled Rolled Paper Frame! - this would probably take too long for a program (and not super creative or new skills), but maybe a flower ornament - could make with only need 7 spirals?


Upcycled Rolled Paper Frame! | Make It @ Your Library

by Michael Sweere. Mosaic-tile like application of collage pieces. This could be done in a paper, glass or ceramic medium. [Would be a great way to use broken pieces of pottery from kiln accidents :-D]

Michael Sweere Mosaic Company

blow up balloon, take old newspapers and roll them like swirly things, paste to balloon. let dry, pop balloon. ... basically how you would do paper mache \ for school

Ephemeraology: An Art Playdate!

"engraved stone lettering words" - this is a great tutorial on stamping (rubber stamps and other methods as well) into polymer clay. Tutorial covers a LOT of basic polymer clay techniques, great for beginners and will give you a good start working with the medium. ~TA

Polymer Clay Tutorial - Chatty Charms

Word Pendant Tutorial - how to make a simple pendant with much info on basics. Very Easy Begginer project .#Polymer #Clay #Tutorials

Then she made...: Word Pendant Tutorial