Лиф сарафана из джинсов (мастер-класс) / Переделка джинсов / Своими руками - выкройки, переделка одежды, декор интерьера своими руками - от ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА

Умелые ручки

The bodice of jeans sundress (master class) / Alteration jeans / hands - patterns, alteration of clothing, interior decoration with their hands - on Second Street - Beautiful DIY

plastic bottle top mural

klimt style recycled eco art work , great for teaching kids about art and artists and fun to make on a giant scale in the garden for decoration too Colorful mural made of plastic bottle tops

take things found in your yard (sticks, rocks, leaves; then add decorative sticks, decorative rocks, marbles; tie some with raffia, cording and make your own collage. Great as a garden sculpture!

found things from your yard (sticks, rocks, leaves, etc.) add different kinds of dried beans marbles tie some of the sticks with raffia cording fabric to create collage

Шьем кошек своими руками, мастер класс | Мастер-классы по рукоделию


beautiful - do with magazine paper and construction paper

This is a quilt, but love the colors and could recreate with tissue, magazine pages or scrapbook paper and paint silhouette on top of collage.

New work 2013 Anne Brooke { trendsetter; amazing textile artwork }

Anne Brooke textiles artist creates flat pieces similar to the artist cas holmes

Мастер-класс: Этно-рамка своими руками

Море идей из мешковины,верёвки,сезаля,шпагата.

Workshop: Ethno-frame with his hands

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