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"Bliss begins with the breath. We breathe in, and accept all that is new. We breathe out, and release all that has passed" ~ Sara Wiseman ~

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Dukes Pass, Trossachs, Scotland “I like how sleeping next to someone means more than sex sometimes, the body’s way of saying ‘I trust you to be by my side at my most vulnerable time,’ you have no defenses when you are asleep, you tell no lies.” Eric Shaw

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How to Make a Meaningful Difference in the World. Everywhere it seems on the news and in the media there is negative news of injustice and damage to the environment, famine and thirst and hunger, and deep down a lot of us want to do...

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Linda.... THE SILENCE OF NATURE SPEAKS VOLUMES TO ME... (Things I post have touched me or spoken to me in some little way..they represent my journey...of where I was and where I am going....Little Reflections and Expressions of Me!)

“sydney bridge, australia, around 1934 “to get on in australia, you must make two observations. say, ‘you have the most beautiful bridge in the world’ and ‘they tell me you trounced england again in the cricket.’ the first statement will...

We set ourselves above the other Beasts because we possess Reason. By what stretch of Reason do we create such beauty in homage to our beliefs and by the same token; we destroy such beauty in homage to our beliefs?

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