Transfer a Photo onto a Slab of Wood

Transfer a Photo onto a Slab of Wood: cover wood with gel medium; place paper picture-side down; firmly smooth out all bubbles; let dry overnight; gently rub wetted paper off; clean all paper residue off; cover with mod podge; let dry;

A simple way of introducing print making

Elsewhere: A New Art Technique to Try

A simple method for introducing print making to kids and for making DIY modern wall art. > or wrapping paper

Before-Bed Yoga Sequence

This Yoga Sequence Is Even Better Than a Before-Bed Massage

Sweet Dreams: A Yoga Sequence For Slumber Yoga before bed can be some of your best defense against insomnia. By calming down your body and your mind, youre putting yourself in a better position for sweet and restful slumber. Ready to get to bed? This yoga

diy ~ how to make tiny pom-poms with a fork

How to make tiny pom poms with a fork. Wrap yarn around fork until fat, then cut. Take a small piece of yarn and tie entire bunch together so that the knot fits through the prongs of the fork. Take off of fork and cut all the loops.

Put fabric on the wall using cornstarch...saw this on Nate Berkus. It's not permanent and leaves nothing on walls-great for renters!

"wallpapering" using fabric and cornstarch. Can be easily removed without damaging the wall and the fabric can be re-used. You could apply this to walls, doors, back of bookcases, windows.

DIY - Make a book out of your Instagrams - Artifact Uprising by decor8, via Flickr

Turn Your Instagram Pics Into a Book with Artifact Uprising

make photo books of my life. Artifact Uprising // Make your own photo book. Create your own photo album, photo calendar and photo cards.

The new Polaroid Z430 instant camera! A 14 megapixel digital camera that also does instant prints.

Polaroid Z340 Instant Camera

Polaroid - the first Polaroid digital instant camera! The 14 megapixel camera can print images with or without the classic Polaroid border. I WANT!

extra handle on bag for when hands are full.

Solid Sand Color NEW - Reisenthel Mother Child Tote Shopping Bag