essential for online ordering.  good to know

Useful - As much as I like necklaces, this is a handy-dandy tool: Necklace Lengths - good to know for when you're ordering online and can't try it on

craft space

You don't need a lot of space to organize your crafts. Turn a closet into a tiny this! Future look for the office closet!


Baby food jar screwed into shelf for craft storage. Might be cute for spices in the kitchen. Except that baby food jars don't seal air-tight. Bought jars from Hobby Lobby maybe?


MOM Tip: No more searching around behind your desk or night stand for your phone charger. Just stick the end of your charger into one of these binder clips and clip it to your desk or night stand. This tip from the Pampered Mom.


Excellent idea--hang an old spice rack up and fill it with ribbon instead of taking up counter or drawer space

Felt and Buttons Picture

Christmas Decorations Made from Felt

Chevron Stripes

DIY Painted Dresser

Can't wait to try some of these craft room organizing tuts!

13 DIY Craft Storage Ideas My favorite: thrift store shelves & spice racks, painted one color.


Drawer Labels- Colorful rub-on labels clearly identify the contents inside each drawer. Labeling minimizes search time and ensures you'll return items to their proper storage space after use.

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