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letmelarryyou: gloobear: making this rebloggable per request MY HEART JUST WENT OVER LOAD OH MY GOD THAT’S ADORABLE I AM GOING TO CRY Naw, this made me smile so hard.

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@Amy Lyons Lyons Schmitz Stories from the Disney Store -- hope you have some wonderful Disney moments while working there! Anxious to hear your stories....

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Yep!!! One time at lunch I trow my stuff away as though I throw my phone away but turns out I put it in my lunch box.

Yup. And then you listen for the other person to leave, count to 100 (12 times) and sneak out.

My parents: You're beautiful. Old people: I bet you boys are chasing after you already. Boys my age: Ew, what is that creature?

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So much luck…

So much sister found her lost Timex expedition watch 13 yrs after she lost it in the back yard.It Was still ticking, it only needed a band replacement and a battery change 4 yrs after the find!