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Short Bull, a member of the Sioux tribe, was born in about 1845. He was a warrior who fought at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, and a medicine man who brought the Ghost Dance religion to the Lakotas.
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Tatanka Means - Lakota <3
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Russell Means - Oglala Lakota and my hero
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Tatanka Means <3 - Lakota
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Nataani Means
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Tatanka Means <3 <3 - (Oglala Lakota, Navajo, Omaha)
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Tatanka Means <3 <3 - (Oglala Lakota, Navajo, Omaha)
an image from indigenouss life movement ongoing prayer circles in north dakota
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Native American Healing Quotes | Native American Russel Means quote | Light Feather of the North
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RM & his son Tatanka
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Tatanka Means
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Nataanii Means- The Radical (ft. Russell Means)
Nataanii Means- The Radical (ft. Russell Means)
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Leonard Crow Dog's 1971 Sun Dance was one of the first held since 1890. For many it was the first time they could pray their own Nation's prayers. As a result he spent 27 months in solitary confinement. His father had protected him from American School's linguistic and religious genocide, and taught him the First Nation's Faith. First Nation religion only became legal in the United States in 1978.
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Tatanka Means - Oglala Lakota, Navajo, Omaha