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Nathan Anderson
Nathan Anderson
Nathan Anderson

Nathan Anderson

Don’t forget this.

Shaun of the Dead

I have plenty of complaints about this series, but something about it is awesome.

An awesome, suspenseful French thriller. Check it out.

Did a pretty good job of getting most of the stuff from the book in it.

Good movie. Good performances all around.

Awesome movie. The American version is pretty good, too.

I wish more sci-fi movies were like this.

I hate product placement. this movie didn't change my opinion about it one way or the other, but it's interesting to see how the whole process works.

Fun for kids and adults.

Not exactly an uplifting movie, but Elizabeth Olsen gives a great performance. The fragmented story didn't bother me. I thought it was a good way to tell the story.

Better than I thought it would be. It's really funny, and it constantly makes fun of itself.

One of those movies I've always wanted to see but never got around to. Finally saw it. It's awesome!

Seriously...nobody ever watches this kid!

I always wonder what people think when I'm standing there staring at my watch...

Motivation... how far will you go?

It's a little too complicated to hop in now, but it's awesome if you've watched it from the beginning.

Finish what you start...Finish strong!

One of the funniest shows ever. You can marathon it on Netflix.

Hilarious. You should be watching this.

Game Of Thrones Season 2 - watch it!

A good movie. The best zombie movies focus on the people not the zombies (there are still plenty of zombies, though).

Not as good as I expected, but still a solid movie.

Fun, British sci-movie. Check it out.

I never read the book, so this was darker than I expected. It's a good movie, though.