Great coffee table

Log coffee table or bench / ottoman. Can't wait until Garret gets our tree stump coffee table done!

I actually love this as a gift idea for family...except there is now way I would be able to make them

DIY: How to carve your own wooden spoons

Ted's Woodworking Plans - At least! Woodworker Reveaks His Secret Archive Of 16000 Woodworking Plans! Get A Lifetime Of Project Ideas & Inspiration! Step By Step Woodworking Plans

friends and Hudson Furniture reclaimed wood tables.

Long wood slab table with benches & chairs. I would love to fill this up with friends. Hudson Furniture has some great reclaimed wood tables.

little wooden people

Yet again Yan Ruilin& 閻瑞麟木工創作 , creations made me gasp with joy the wonderful diversity and incredible craftsmanship is astounding.

Family Farm, Isidro Ferrer, Luzifer

Funny Farm By Isidro Ferrer & LZF Lab. Branching out from lightning, LZF Lab worked together with Isidro Ferrer to create Funny Farm, a group of nineteen wooden animals that are a bit quirky.


These Animal Boxes by Brooklyn-based designer Karl Zahn are small figural containers that represent power animals.

Vintage Carved Wood Deer 3 Hand carved Hand by Antiques4You, $24.95

Reserved for Bettina Vintage Carved Wood Deer , 3 Hand carved, Hand Painted, Germany