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Our Urban Insider Annie Fitzsimmons is highlighting her favorite travel content from across the Web. From great places to stay and one-of-a-kind things to do in her home base, New York City, Annie is here to get you up to speed with cosmopolitan culture.

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What They Don't Tell You About the Galápagos

Some of my favorite finds from a recent trip to Dingle - Just Back: Ireland's Dingle Peninsula

10 Best Candy Shops in NYC - fun list, especially around Halloween!

Travel Style: Annie Fitzsimmons - travel tips, favorite places and more!

The Other Mykonos - a lovely blog on the quieter side of the island

Great Guide to Toronto

Bruarfoss, Iceland

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I Heart My City: Venice

Top 10: Favorite Beaches Around the World - fun list on the Tory Burch blog

A CUP OF JO: 16 Surprising Things about Parenting in China

Six Sydney Restaurants to Try Now

If you haven't been to Oakland recently or ever, now is the time to go...and eat! It's the most exciting place to eat in the Bay Area lately.

50 Cities To See In Your Lifetime - How many have you been to?

Dublin for Foodies - my ten best finds from my recent trip to Ireland with National Geographic photographer Catherine Karnow.

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New Orleans like a local - great tips on NatGeo

How to Photograph Joyful People - tips I learned from National Geographic photographer Catherine Karnow on our trip to Dublin

The Perfect Day in Dublin

11 Things to Love About Williamsburg plus a video we made!


    Awesome! This list compiles the best that the unique town of Colonial Willimasburg has to offer! Check out another travelogue on the historic town:

A Kid-Friendly Guide to Hong Kong - love these tips by my friend Henley Vazquez

An Art-Lover's Guide to Williamsburg, Virginia - go beyond the colonial/historical aspects

London Hidden Gems - these are on my list for my next visit to London

How To Pack A Carry-On Bag for a Three Week Trip - great tips from Ruth Reichl!

Perfect Paradise: Phuket - love this piece by my friend Henley Vazquez

9 Foodie Favorites in Williamsburg - my favorite restaurants, winery & brewery from my recent trip to this sweet southern city that has more to offer than just the colonial center

Worry-Free Santa Monica

American Classic: Coronado Island (and the Hotel Del!)

  • Carissa Rutherford
    Carissa Rutherford

    Loved staying here on vacation in 2012:)

Happy 450th, Shakespeare! - I LOVED cycling from Stratford to London in honor of the Bard!

A Perfect Day in San Diego

Road Tripping the Florida Keys

Miami's Enduring Heat

In Search of Low-Key Miami

Why I Love Fort Lauderdale

Daylesford Organic in Notting Hill - a wonderful spot for breakfast or lunch in London. I also went to their farm in Gloucestershire on my last trip to England and loved learning about the way they've been farming for over 30 years.

Still A Wonder: Angkor Wat

I Heart My City: Jeremy's Miami Beach

Sunrise over Westminster

Love Context Travel for in-depth walking tours - if you love history, art, architecture, culture - you might love them too! Walking tours all over the world, including Paris, NYC, Rome, London, Shanghai, Kyoto, and many more

From my recent trip to the beautiful country of Laos - The Mystical Riches of Luang Prabang

Snow in Central Park, New York City -

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    Brian Tuchalski

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One of my favorite blogs, Aspiring Kennedy, starts a series on her neighborhood, Notting Hill, in London - check out this adorable pick, Book & Kitchen!

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in L.A. - would be fun to check off all of these!

Fantastic travel Tips for Kyoto, Japan

A great post from one of my favorite bloggers on her recent trip to Japan - including under-the-radar sushi recs


Empire State Building ~ New York City, New York

#Paris in the fall.

Rural Iceland!

Rio de Janeiro

40 Vintage Photos of Brooklyn's Streetscape In The 1970s

I love the food blog Smitten Kitchen (and her cookbook!) - here, Deb Perelman tells us her favorite places to eat in NYC, many lesser known & not in guidebooks.

Pico Iyer's Santa Barbara - one of my favorite travel writers reveals what he loves about Santa Barbara

Aspiring Kennedy: England - One of my favorite bloggers, Lauren Bryan Knight, lives in London & her recommendations for all things England are spot on!

Great Trips: Sailing China's Three Gorges - China’s bucolic side will feel at once familiar and foreign. Want to step into a landscape painting? Sail through the Three Gorges region on the Yangtze River, famous for its recently constructed dam, the largest on Earth.

China's Wild West - Shangri-La - “Welcome to the Wild West of China,” my guide said as we touched down in Lijiang after a 4-hour flight from Shanghai. Though I didn’t yet spot any cowboy boots, I was indeed far west in the Yunnan province, at the foothills of the Himalaya; bordered by Laos, Vietnam, and Burma.

The Isles of Scilly: The Land That Time Forgot - I always answer "Scilly" when people ask about a favorite recent trip. The islands (140 of them, 5 inhabited) are stunningly beautiful, friendly, and a favorite of the royal family.

Why Wallonia: Belgium's Unexpected Delight - Rent a car and explore Wallonia, the southern, mostly French-speaking half of the nation.

The Best of the West Village - The West Village is a labyrinth of shady brownstone-lined streets, hidden gardens, corner shops, and a mix of sophisticated culinary temples and casual downhome joints. Here are some of my favorite spots!

  • Walk About New York
    Walk About New York

    Discover NYC’s most storied neighborhood, Greenwich Village with our guided walking tour []. The Tour is good fun and greater value. Eager to see you on a Tour soon!

A few of my tips for staying healthy on the road - including a daily cappuccino!

Budapest Christmas Market - This market is downright pleasant, with ample room to amble along and stop and smell the flowers — or vats of mulled wine and hanging pomander balls of oranges and cloves.

What Makes Australia's Gold Coast Golden? - The Gold Coast’s real allure lies in its pristine tropical rainforest, where bright crimson rosella birds fly and alien-like booyang trees grow.

5 Must-See Pieces at the Met - Visiting NYC? I talked to one of my favorite museum docents to get the low-down on five pieces you shouldn't miss at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Finding the Beat of Brussels - Brussels is far from undiscovered, but it can feel underrated. It is an easily walkable city, with evenly spaced cobblestones, and the ambiance of a merging and blended Europe.

Exploring Amsterdam's 'Nine Streets' - The city's nine little streets are big on personality and adorable shops and eateries.

Jerusalem, Israel - Visiting Jerusalem just might tear everything you thought you knew apart, as it did for me, which is part of why I love to travel.

Road Trip Through Israel - Discovering Israel's countryside is equally as important as exploring its big cities, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The political and religious events that have occurred in this fabled land have reverberated around the world for thousands of years.

Buenos Aires needs an exclamation point next to its name! I recently spent a full week in the South American capital and left wanting more. The wide boulevards, green parks, French-inspired architecture, late-night dancing, custom leather shops, and delectable dishes combined to deliver an exhilarating travel adventure.

Total Gem: The Emerald Coast of Brazil - A great honeymoon spot that you might not normally think about!

The Best of Tel Aviv - I recently spent a week exploring Tel Aviv and was blown away by the creative energy, global tech scene, cool hotels, and burgeoning restaurant scene.

Unexpected Delight: The Isle of Wight - Well worth a visit if you're in England, I loved arriving in the Isle of Wight via a 10-minute hovercraft ride from Portsmouth. Queen Victoria's Osborne House is a highlight!

Into the Wild on Kiawah Island - Kiawah is an annual destination for me. I love the Sanctuary hotel but most of all, the miles of hard-packed beach that you can ride your bike on.

Los Cabos: A Window to Paradise - I really loved how relaxed & beautiful Cabo was - a great mix of natural beauty and gorgeous hotels. A place where you are meant to play!

My Favorite Things About Mexico - favorite hotels, restaurants, day trips, museums & more from a recent two-week adventure

What Parisians Line Up For - I loved this post on a favorite blog, Olive Oil & Lemons. Dina talks about what she saw local Parisians lining up for on a recent trip to Paris - "Poilane gets a line up, as do Eric Kaiser bakeries, Pain Sucré in the Marais and Ble Sucré in the 12th."

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list."