How can you not like Tesla

For those of you who aren't keen on the death ray, keep this in mind: He started working on it, feared its destructive capabilities, and destroyed the entire project. << The death ray was absolutely the best part.

Men who are violent towards women are often violent towards animals as well. They think we’re all chattel. If a man wants you to choose between your dog or cat or him, dump the guy. Those animals will love you for the rest of your life, loyal and true.

I'd also like to add that I think Valka does this with Hiccup in as well. Instead, she comforted him and helped him regain confidence.


I wonder when this particular panel came out, is it new or has it been out for years? Anyway canon trans woman Wonder Woman is a thing!

lailaberry:this is very important

I'm not religious in any way but I can totally support this at least. Religion can so easily be used to harm women, so it's nice to see someone using it in a different way. <<< no religion is set against women except "modernism"

7 pennies

7 pennies<<<< I hope that your manager learned their lesson there. You really need to let people explain themselves before you over react to stuff《XD so true

Just because we didn't have the "concept" in words, doesn't mean it wasn't a thing that still happened. people used to think diseases were people being possessed by demons; just because we didn't have a concept of disease doesn't mean they didn't exist.

Not a fan of Trump in the slightest, but I feel bad for his wife (though I also dislike her) and their son. Twelve years old. He doesn't need all this (the hatred that is caused by his father)

I like the idea of them all screaming at someone's breasts<<< bahahahha this also happens when someone sees a bra strap "excuse me, I am a teenage girl wearing a bra, THIS IS HORRIBLE"