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Nathalie Berneron

Nathalie Berneron
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60 idees pour recycler une vieille machine a coudre console 7 60 idées pour recycler une vieille machine à coudre transformer table Sing...

Singer sewing machine stand as a base for dessert display. Old singer sewing machine turned into a dreamy makeup vanity. Sewing machine cabinets into a new desk. Turned an old sewing machine into a lovely vintage furniture.

Machine à coudre lampe lampe Vintage Table Lamp Nouvelle

Very unique sewing machine table lamp. New Home sewing machine made in Orange Mass. This is a real sewing machine, made into a lamp. They did a very nice job and works great! The shade is negotiable, it will come with the lamp but will have to be shipped

Eliminez  tout type de cicatrice de votre corps  en moins d’un mois avec ce remède naturel puissant | Santé SOS

Scars are a result of the discontinuity of the skin that occur as a result of surgery, wounds, burns, and are typically permanent damage. The presence of scars for some is an aesthetic problem…