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Nathan Campbell
Nathan Campbell
Nathan Campbell

Nathan Campbell

  • Brisbane
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Follower of Jesus. Husband of Robyn. Father of Soph. Student of the Bible. Drinker of coffee. Blogger of ridiculousness.

Every second counts - 60 seconds of beauty submitted by users to the fourth and final round of The Beauty of a Second short film contest.The competition is now over, but you can visit montblanc-oneseco... to watch the winning second, the winning playlist, the shortlists and all the beautiful seconds captured around the globe.Thank you for making this venture of beauty go beyond all expectations. Follow Montblanc on facebook for upcoming competitions and campaigns:

Steven Seagal movies by the grammar.

Serious Eats produce a serious guide to latte art.

Home made Snickers style slice.

Kone coffee filter: Stainless steel filter for use in Chemex® and other pour over style coffee makers . Designed w/ a goal to produce a sustainable filter that also brewed awesome coffee. designed and manufactured in the USA.

The Mona Lisa, one of the world's most famous paintings, has been recreated with 3,604 cups of coffee - and 564 pints of milk... Some people are just plain geniuses!

Vintage coffee ads are the best kind. From this collection:

From a collection of vintage coffee ads:

How to sell your amazing coffee to the housewives of the early 20th century.

A flat white from Veneziano's First Pour, Brisbane.

Coffee alphabet posters so your kids grow up knowing their espresso from their instant. The whole alphabet available at:

Great DIY coffee consumption infographic.

A lovely botanically correct drawing of Arabica Coffee.

Plantation Coffee Roasters are on Facebook: and roast delicious coffee.

Grindhouse Specialty Coffee, Stones Corner. Review:

Vietnamese Coffee icy poles. Recipe coming soon on

Love this. A coffee mug that wakes up with your morning brew.

Keep Calm and Drink Coffee

Low fi coffee infographic