Nathan Hage

Nathan Hage

Bruxelles / Je suis un créateur d’expérience, un designer numérique & un étudiant en web design
Nathan Hage
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Full graphic identity development for an afro-fusion festival done in Buenos Aires, Argentina.Last University project at Cátedra Gabriele& course

Orano Factory

Laurie Greasley, Moments Lost, 2014 This will be featured in the project Moments Lost created by Analog Sweden. It will stand alongside works by artists Killian Eng, H.R FM and more. If you love Blade.

Akira by Jake Wyatt *

Akira Director: Katsuhiro Otomo - To quote the book: ". animated masterpiece is the pinnacle of Japanese Apocalyptic science fiction." I saw this at a sci-fi con the year it came out, subtitled, and it remains one of my favorite anime films.


Alien Resurrection By Jean-Pierre Jeunet Charade Minimal Movie Posters Toy Story poster by Tom Whalen. Love all his stuff.