Nathan Willow

Nathan Willow

Sydney, NSW, Australia  ·  Having a sweet-tooth will come back to bite me!!!
Nathan Willow
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This is a dummy cake I made to promote the cakes I will be making for Father's Day (Sunday here in Sweden The colors match our city's hockey team, Skellefteå AIK, which I suppose will make a few fathers happy! #cakes

Luscious cake batter ice cream on a cookie crust with chocolate syrup, whipped cream and sprinkles ~ Cake Batter Brownie Torte #cakes #cakes #cakes

Banana Bread Tiramisu, in an edible chocolate shell! These can be easily adapted by using gf ap flour or subbing your favorite gf banana bread recipe! I think they are so elegant! I'm making a gf test batch this week! #cakes

The contrast of the different shades of plum on the white goes oh so perfect together. Plus plum colors look great on all different skin tones and eye colors. (That's a fact) #cakes #cakes #cakes #cakes