Rainbow Rock by BenjaminNeil

"Rainbow Rock"- the detail with the perspective on the side facing away is a nice touch. If only the same care had been put into making the gradient more organic. plus a small, selective color palate is much more attractive than an easy rainbow.

Angel Aura (cactus) Quartz

Intuitive sources say Angel Aura Quartz helps bring one into the higher realms in meditation, facilitating conscious contact with angels, spirit guides and inner realm teachers. It is said to assist.


Tourmaline, Golconda Mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil via Watzl Minerals- tourmaline, "watermelon stone"- alternative october birthstone

Quartz crystal

7 Beautiful Crystals and Their Healing Properties ...

Color palette: Quartz crystals with soft pinks, magentas and a pop of orange. Color inspiration for a bright and fun brand.

Blue Pleurodonte

I'm in love with Henry Domke's shell photos. I want to cover my walls! color-and-pattern

rutile in quartz

Rutile included in quartz Origin: Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil From Mineral Atlas

Mexican Fire Agate

Mexican Fire Agate a variety of chalcedony is a precious natural gemstone found only in certain areas of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States.

Fluorite on Sphalerite.    Minerva No.1 Mine,    Cave-in-Rock, Hardin County, Illinois

ifuckingloveminerals: “ Fluorite, Sphalerite Minerva MineCave-in-Rock, Hardin County, Illinois, USA ”


mineralists: “ “Velvet Beauty” Azurite, Malachite and Copper. Found in 1890 in Bisbee, Arizona ” - mineralists: “Velvet Beauty” Azurite, Malachite.

rainbow crystal

Gemstone Photography Series (Rainbow Crystal)- like a painting.reminiscent of looking into a Koi pond or maybe you see a picture of green meadows , blue skies, with clouds , purple moutains.