Ariel is the prettiest princess of them all. Oo that hair

The start of my red hair obsession was when I first saw this movie a very, very long time ago. - maybe this is why i love red hair so much, Ariel is my favorite

Ariel cosplay- if there ever were a live action little mermaid movie, she fits the look perfectly!

I was a #Mermaid in a previous Life! Retro Metal Sign

A retro Mermaid Metal Sign that might just tell the truth! Were you a mermaid in a previous life? I just love to be in ocean.

I totally love this because its a real life version of a very cool painting. I'm unsure of the artist's name but the painting can be seen on my Interesting Art Board. (Click on the link to see the painting).

Little Mermaid Inspiration- Fairy Tale Photography by Ksenia Muza (Tolmacheva) This is way too complicated, but this goes with the temptress idea.

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