My Collage from @collagedotcom

My Collage from @collagedotcom


Life is a beautiful mess. Chasing dreams = having your comfort shaken to the core. The first step is the hardest, but the journey is life changing. Bittersweet. ☺️


My sister said to take 365 Index Cards and just write the DATE (not the year) on each one... each day write something GOOD that happened on that day. So when you come around next year... on that same day, you can look back and always see the good...


“Ree-" Grey barked into the icy silence. "Lax!" The word spat so unexpectedly into her ear had precisely the effect Grey must have intended. It shocked Nan for a split second into a state of not-thinking, just being-" Mercedes Lackey, The Wizard of London