Melon Mouse Melon Cute, grape-sized fruits look like tiny watermelons but have a cucumber flavor, often with a hint of tartness. Also called sandita or Mexican sour gherkin because the fruits turn more sour as they mature. Long vines up to 10' produce plenty of “watermelons” to harvest from summer to fall. Plants don’t seem to be affected by insects that typically cause problems with cucumbers and melons. A terrific container or hanging basket variety!

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Buffalo Chicken Zucchini Boats | Inspired by Charm

Buffalo Chicken Zucchini Boats - Inspired by Charm

How to grow a moss lettuce basket -

How to Grow a Wire and Moss Lettuce Hanging Basket

Gardening in Containers: Suspending strawberries off the ground is a great way to keep slugs, snails, and sow bugs off them.

The 35 Easiest Container and Pot Friendly Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs - DIY...

The Ultimate Guide to Hanging Baskets

The Ultimate Guide to Hanging Baskets | Greener on the Inside

Refreshing spring radish salad recipe

Spring Radish Salad Recipe | Kitchen Vignettes | PBS Food

Backyard Gardens. Hang plants from tree branches.....

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#Hanging baskets DIY Stunning Flower Ball from Better Homes and Gardens

Stunning Flower Ball - Better Homes and Gardens - Yahoo!7

Containers: Combine draping plants with different foliage colors and textures such as burgundy sweet potato vine, licorice plant and asparagus fern.

Tips for Using Planters in Your Yard

Plants for Hanging Baskets, Try Lobelia

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101 Fresh Christmas Decorating Ideas | Hang a Paper White Basket |

101 Fresh Christmas Decorating Ideas

Lettuce grown in a hanging basket for a round ball of edible goodies.

Wave is THE flower for baskets.

RUE des FLEURS: Fotografije

How to plant Wave petunias and pansies in hanging baskets

Planting Wave in Hanging Baskets

Easy Wave Starfish Mix in a Hanging Basket.

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Old door and planted basket

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string garden- air plants!

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Cascade of succulents

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How to Make a Moss Lettuce Basket

How to Grow a Wire and Moss Lettuce Hanging Basket

Colorful hanging Art Basket with 4 unique and striking patterns and colors. Basket folds flat for storage.

PatioArt Hanging Basket

A "Down Under" pot prize winner planted with red pentas.

Photo Contest

It's not a basket- it's a "Down Under" pot. This contest winner planted a Begonia in her Down Under Pot.

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Very large 24" hanging basket from


Dramatic cone shape is excitingly different and provides a deeper root run.

Cone Shaped Metal Planter, Basket With Chain| Kinsman Company

18-inch Flower Basket with Goldleaf licorice plant, Alaska Mix nasturtiums, Crystal Palace Gem geraniums, Callie Deep Yellow calibrachoa, orange lotus Dalina Midi Hawaii dahlias and Luscious Citrus Blend lantana. at

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