Do You Know What to Do If Your Dog Is Choking? Performing Heimlich Maneuver On Dogs

Knowing a few emergency procedures is critical to saving lives because you may not have time to get a vet.

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9 Things Humans Do That Stress Our Dogs Out

9 Things Humans Do That Stress Our Dogs Out.. All pets need love, security, and peace not fear...FYI: It's not funny or amusing to scare any animal (some people think it is)..which is his highest form of stress. Animals are very trusting and one should ne

Dog Mom Mug

Designed by New York potter Lorrie Veasey, our Dog Mom Mug is a must-have for the proud doggie mama in all of us.

How To Stop Your Dog Running Out Of The Front Door ►►

Please Share This Page: Photo © javier brosch – This video by Training Positive is a highly effective tutorial for teaching a dog to greet visitors in a calm manner. The technique used here can be used for any dog breed. The trainer also mentions that this will also work on any dog at …

Loose Leash Walking: Putting an End to Leash Pulling! @lolathepitty We *finally* taught our dog to walk on a loose leash on her regular collar. Instead of punishing unwanted behaviors (i.e. pulling), we built positive associations with desired behaviors...

How To Make A Cute Storage Shelf For Your Fur Baby

dog bone wall shelf, how to, organizing, shelving ideas, wall decor, woodworking projects

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