Sea Wolf Photo Shot In British Columbia, Canada, Earns National Geographic Award, photo taken by Ian McAllister of Pacific Wild. He snapped photo last spring while studying spawning herring in Bella Bella.

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Wolf dog

A Yellowstone Grey Wolf Sniffs A Mound Of Wild Clover (By paulgillphoto). Always take time to smell the flowers*

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Wolves mate for life, just like dogs. Dogs want the same mate just like a wolf. Humans don't understand this (neither do their wallets).

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Two Gray Wolves Touch Noses during a Tender Moment Photographic Print by Jim And Jamie Dutcher.


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nubbsgalore: “ jim and jamie dutcher, determined to show “the hidden life of wolves”, lived for six years with a pack of wolves in the idaho wilderness of yellowstone. a constant but unobtrusive.


White Wolf: Tribal Council declares White Earth Reservation a wolf sanctuary. so beautiful