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Natural Hairstyles | Straighten

Having natural hair allows you to experiment with countless different hairstyles, embracing the versatility of your hair means that you can be spoilt for choice when it comes to natural hairstyles. Not only can you rock afros, high buns, curly sets, and braid outs; but if you’d like a change from your curly hairstyles – why not wear your hair straight? That’s the beauty of natural hair!

Natural Hairstyles | Straighten

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Three Different Textures On the Same Head of Hair!!...Gotta Love Kinky Hair!!!

No relaxer. Natural hair straighten.

Showing off the versatility of natural hair

  • Sarah Love
    Sarah Love

    What color is this?

  • Southern Belle™
    Southern Belle™

    I wish I had this fullness!!

  • OfficiallyNatural Hair & Beauty
    OfficiallyNatural Hair & Beauty

    Hair colour looks bleached with a dark colour on top!

  • Brandie M
    Brandie M

    Curly hair but ok.

Oooh, cute!

#NaturalHair straighten.

  • Stacy McCall
    Stacy McCall

    This looks amazing! Beautiful cut and style.

  • Jessica Mack
    Jessica Mack

    LOVE THIS!!!

Flat ironed natural hair. Cute but using heat can cause heat damage.

  • Eka Bee
    Eka Bee


  • Eka Bee
    Eka Bee


  • Eka Bee
    Eka Bee

    What would you consider my hair type like 3c ? 4a?

  • Natural Trendzetter
    Natural Trendzetter

    Hmmmmmm.maybe a 3b or c

  • Eka Bee
    Eka Bee

    Thank you so much

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@naturalhairdoescares photo: KILLIN left to right! @mo_fiya

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Colourful natural hair straighten. Like?

Natural hair - straightened

Straightened “natural hair” – Alicia James

Jess' curls straighten #officiallynatural

The versatility of natural hair.

Versatility #officiallynatural

Instagram photo by @naturalherstory (Stony & Cleo) | Iconosquare
  • Ariel Maxie
    Ariel Maxie

    This is one of my friends from college!

  • OfficiallyNatural Hair & Beauty
    OfficiallyNatural Hair & Beauty

    Ariel Maxie would be great to contact her - would love to feature her on our site.

Half and half. Straight and curly hair. #officiallynatural

Dress up your natural curls for the holidays with these two looks.

A Double-Duty Hair Idea For Naturally Curly Brides

Afrobella's hair straighten. #officiallynatural #curlyhairrocks.

Ebony Clark and her amazing hair! Shrinkage is what it is but you have to love the versatility.

  • Mia

    Oh my!! Her hair is so pretty!!!

  • OfficiallyNatural Hair & Beauty
    OfficiallyNatural Hair & Beauty

    LilBlackberry Loving the versatility - don't you just love #kinkyhair

  • Deanne Simms
    Deanne Simms

    Truly amazing!


Curly hair VS. Straight hair.

Tanika Ray's natural hair straighten.

Hair Porn: The Tanika Ray Edition

Gotta love shrinkage huh!

Curly to straight