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Natural Hairstyles | Updos

An updo is a hairstyle in which the hair is swept up and arranged away from a person’s face and neck. It can be as simple as the bun hairstyle but it is more associated with elaborate hairstyles intended for special occasions, for example, weddings. It does not matter about the length of your hair; updos can be created on short, medium and long hair.

Fabulous updo. Braids, buns and pins.

Lovely hairstyle, cornrow and swirled updo.

Ms Kariba's cute flat twisted updo.

Front flat twists updo on natural hair. #officiallynatural

Natural hair updo

Natural beauty! #updo

Loving Mz Tammy's (@mz_tammy) style. Great #naturalhair inspiration.

1. Part a small section in front for your bang, and pin it up. 2. Put the rest of your hair in a high ponytail. 3. Take down your bangs, and roll any access hair under and pin. 4. Finish with a head scarf

Murielle Georges's simple elegant #updo - protective hairstyle for your natural hair.

Pretty updo on natural hair via Natural Hair Bride.

[Video] 2 Chic updo styles on natural hair.