Epsom salt snow and wood stands

"A Natural Christmas Tablescape. Just L❤VE the idea of artifical snow in the candle holders which, can also be achieved by using Epsom Salt in them.

Hot Chocolate Spoons

Hot chocolate, coffee or even tea spoons! 45 Decadent Holiday Desserts - From Savory to Sweet, These Christmas Desserts are Simply Delicious

Mountain wedding drinks

Warm up! Welcome Drinks for a Mountain Wedding Greet guests coming in from the cold with a signature "mocktail" of white-chocolate hot cocoa customized with paper sleeves (ours are from Bird Banner).

Winter boots for bride and bridesmaid | Naturally Chic wedding planner. #winter wedding #emeraldlakewedding

Vancouver Whimsical Winter Wedding

If you're having a winter wedding, coordinate matching winter boots for your wedding party so they stay warm but also look fantastic in your photos!

pinecones separate rows of place cards

Seating Cards Pinecones separate rows of place cards; each dinner table -- instead of having a number -- was named after a different Oregon coniferous tree. The table is draped with two of the same kind of plaid blanket that Maria earlier used as a wrap.