Sarica Cernohous

Sarica Cernohous
Northern Arizona / Licensed practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and author of The Funky Kitchen.
Sarica Cernohous
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Bacteriophages: Viruses That Hunt Bacteria

Since phage viruses are so efficient at killing bacteria, they are being used to target superbugs. Discover 7 surprising facts about bacteriophages.

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Information on the Medicinal Herb False Unicorn (Chamaelirium luteum) and Its Health Benefits, Side Effects and Medicinal and Traditional Uses

Blue Cohosh - Side Effects and Health Benefits

Blue Cohosh: Caulophyllum thalictroides (L). Other Common Names: Blueberry root, blue ginseng, yellow ginseng, beechdrops, pappoose root

Here's a great recipe to accompany cheese or a light lunch: Sourdough Spelt Crackers! The recipe is very versatile and can be easily adapted to suit your tastes. Feel free to add herbs, spices &/or cheese, or different flours. #recipe #speltcrackers #sourdough

Dough Ingredients: 1 ½ C. Spelt Flour 1 C. Starter (fed within 24 hours) Tbl. Honey, to taste 1 tsp. Butter, cold Procedure: Stir together the flour, starter, hone

Join us for this one-time gut health online summit. Crushing the Critters, Plugging the Leaks,

Join us for this one-time gut health online summit. Crushing the Critters, Plugging the Leaks, & Balancing the Biome for Your Best Body Ever

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Sushi Salad - A nice idea for those of us who cant make perfectly formed sushi but still want to look all fancy.

Love the presentation! would be fun for girls dinner. Sushi Trifle Salad with Salmon, Avocado and Rice or you could do chicken instead of salmon (for me tofu).really old use any type of mix up in a bowl if you just have the sushi rice & nori?

Cultured Strawberry Soda

Cultured strawberry soda is sparkling, sweet and easy to make. Serve your family crisp homemade soda full of beneficial bacteria and hydrating electrolytes. this recipe uses ginger bug.

Purposely Ingest a Virus to Destroy a Bacteria?