Midtown Houston on Twitter: "Follow the sign to #BagbyPark. #FREE fitness classes: #HIIT at 9:30 & #yoga at 10:30. #midtownInMotion #Fit4Free https://t.co/QS9V70yHbn"

Midtown Houston on Twitter


JJ's 30-Day Abs Challenge. JJSmith. JJ Smith.

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Healthy Food & Motivational Pictures - Diet tips

Intense workout challenge!


except id put fruit in instead of the skinny cow ice cream...just sayin

flat belly diet


13 things to do after graduation to set you up for success. Taking care of your physical and mental health is one of them.

13 Things To Do After Graduation To Set You Up For Success - the Lala


Sheila Wagner on Twitter: "Best Approaches To Lose Weight Easily - https://t.co/22DqGlwldV #FoodNutrition #WeightLoss https://t.co/p66eB94PUj"

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New post on eat-well-and-go-to-the-gym http://ift.tt/1LdEy3e fitness fitstagram running jogging lifting fitlife fitness workout workout gym

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Self happiness is crucial and you must be happy with yourself before you are happy with others.

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That feeling you get when you've lost weight | Fitness Quotes IMG

That feeling you get when you've lost weight | Fitness Quotes IMG


Military diet shopping list: Stock your refrigerator with these groceries before following the three day military diet plan.

Military Diet Shopping List for 3 Days


Try the Skinny Ms. Total Body Transformation Program and fall in love with fitness for the first time, or all over again! #SkinnyMs

Total Body Transformation Program - Easy to Follow 12-Week Program


Fitness motivational quotes



Stay positive...don't let anyone get you down and tell them you're still killing it...

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30 Day Easy Squat Challenge Fitness Workout Chart

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LAUREN BROOKS FITNESS Blog: 21 Day Squat Challenge - #21DaysOfSquats

LAUREN BROOKS FITNESS Blog: 21 Day Squat Challenge - #21DaysOfSquats


Take on the 30 Day Body Love Body Love Squat Challenge ... move your body with love always <3 For more Body Love go to http://laurenmcaulay.com/2016/03/08/30-day-body-love-squat-challenge/

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Cure PCOS With Cinnamon


The Carbohydrate Conundrum: How to Eat Carbs when You have PCOS | With Great Expectation

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PCOS Supplements - PCOS Girl

PCOS Supplements - PCOS Girl


30 Day Fitness Challenges

30 Day Fitness Challenges


Weight loss struggle and how I plan on getting out of the funk. Fitness inspiration and weight loss motivation.

5 Fitness Quotes That Motivate | The Bewitchin' Kitchen


DEDICATIONInspiration for the Fall This month at FIT + FLOW YOGA we are focusing on Dedication. As this time of year, with the weather shifting and the sun setting earlier, it's easy for us to feel less dedicated. ded·i·ca·tion /ˌdedəˈkāSH(ə)n/ 1. the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose. 2. the act of consecrating an altar, temple, church, or other sacred building. First off, my apologies for not connecting with you all last Sunday. I took a much needed ...

Dedication | September FIT + FLOW Focus


I must take care of this body as best I can. Even when I hate the way it pains me, it is all I have got until it is my time to leave it.

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My body is a temple

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AS A TEMPLE, WE ARE TO BE "SET APART" ONLY FOR THE HOLY PURPOSES OF GOD The human spirit is set apart “from,” as well as “to.” For example, it is to be set apart from all that is profane – all Hatred, Bitterness, Unthankfulness, Idolatry and such like… In contrast, it is to set apart to the Holy purposes of Worship (John 4:23-24, Phil. 3:3), Thanksgiving (Ephesians 5:20), Reverence, and Prayer (Philippians 4:6, Ephesians 6:18).

Why should I treat my body like a temple?