Subtle Smokey Eye

eyeshadow for brown eyes.this is EXACTLY how I do my eyes. *amber is much more yellow in tint. This is the brown eye of a warm undertone: golden-brown. The brown eye of a cool undertone is a grayish-brown.

Awesome Braid I love this. It looks like three braids braided together. If you've got real thick hair like me, three braids in one is an awesome hairstyle to try out!

smokey eye make up tips

For a dramatic look use black mascara and then a black liner and black eye shadow. apply mascara apply liner all the way around the eye. apply black shadow to lid of eye. Take a bit of shadow and brush under the eye.

New hair styles

This will be my next hair cut when I get sick of this long hair! Medium Hair Cuts For Women - Bing Images


Glitter Toes-eborah lippmann nail polish is like this but the dots of glitter are smaller. This is done by someone who does glitter toes. Straight glitter, with gel or acrylic over it. Not a nail polish.


: Misa Glitz, Glamour, Smile For The Camera Stamped PS This has to be the most beautiful purple out there!

black and blue hair color

black and blue hair color aww I had it like that for a long time xD but that was on high school., kind of old now AKA picture props to Leda Muir

Simple and neat

New favorite thing ever: reverse French manicure with matte black & silver nail polish.

Very cool but not me...

Short haircuts for women .Do you love short hair cuts? We've got all your short hair favorites from layered bobs to crops and pixies. Come on in, and check it out now! blonde messy bob with side bang

W Sep. 2011 - Transformers by Steven Meisel  Model: Linda Evangelista

wmagazine: Linda’s transformation. Photo by Steven Meisel, W Magazine September 2011

batman nails for cheyenne hehe she would love them


Batman Superhero nails- I think this is pretty cool, but I would think they could be dangerous!