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Garden Harvesting Basket from Old Tobacco Sticks

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Candy Corn Tobacco Stick Ladder, cute ! love anything with candy corn : )

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Handmade Primitive Tobacco Stick Wooden by SalvationTreasures

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Tobacco stick quilt rack ... so easy will be great to hang her blankets on

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Angela Vice

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Made out of tobacco sticks think I found my new bookshelf idea!

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Angela Vice

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tobacco stick gate with primitive berries by southernsticks, $25.00

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Tobacco Stick Gate

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Tobacco Stick Chair

Booth #555: Tobacco Stick Chair

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hand painted wood lath Americana picture frame on Etsy, $30.00

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tobacco stick crafts - Yahoo! Image Search Results

tobacco stick crafts - Yahoo Image Search Results

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Large Tobacco Lathe Lantern.

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Tobacco Stick Birdhouse Flower Box w/Wave Petunias! Butler's Custom Crafts. $25

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Tobacco sticks used to display baskets

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0138.jpg (image)

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Tobacco stick scarecrow

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Tobacco Stick Snowman! Brian will be making this!

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Tobacco+Stick+Craft+Ideas | Tobacco Stick Christmas Star | Christmas Crafts and Ideas

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Primitive kitchen... Love

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Bathtub Caddy Shelf, made from wooden sticks used for years in hanging tobacco.

Bathtub Caddy Shelf

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This is made from tobacco sticks. I did the stitching on muslin. Makes a great wall hanging

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Angela Vice

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Tobacco stick sled$24.

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Angela Vice

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Tobacco Stick Planter

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tobacco stick daisy --- love this!! Would like this on the side of my chicken coop

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tobacco stick decor | What have you made with tobacco sticks? Got any ideas how you can use ...

Tobacco Stick Creations - Hobbies On A Budget