Sherlock was photo bombed by Dan and Phil!!!!

Sherlock was Photobombed by Dan and Phil! This was a Day in the life of DAn and Phil, Phil wasn't supposed to be on the lion

I know that this board was supposed to be just for dan but i love this picture :') Dan is adorable of course but look at phil! This is my favorite photoset of the two

I love Phil he's.... AMAZING but seriously his videos have really helped me over the past few months and dan's thanks to them both :3

Phil is so nice, and yet gets so little in return. Mean people get so much attention, but Phil, who saves lives and helps people and is NICE, is ignored? Not by the Phandom though!

Lol Phil

Literally, for the most part or at least what I tend to notice is Phil usually doesn't or try's not to swear at least in videos. Yet when playing Shelter he is extremely tense and curses throughout all of the videos. true!

Aw>> are we not going to talk about their url << omfg thank you for showing me this but now I don't know whether to pin it as dan and phil or Sherlock! am

phil lester, youtube, and amazingphil image

I always smile so big that my eyes scrunch up and i can't even see the screen anymore. That is so special to me, like i can just look at d&p and smile.

tumblr, dan and phil, and youtube image

I went to Tatinof a few days ago and Phil was just as adorable in person. If possible even more adorable<<< I am so jealous rn