The shake-all-the-ping-pong-balls-out-of-the-kleenex-box-in-a-minute game.

The shake-all-the-ping-pong-balls-out-of-the-kleenex-box-in-a-minute game. Crafty only in putting the ping pong balls in a Kleenex box and taping or tying it on but I had to put it someplace because it is funny.


The way my life works…

Funny pictures about The way my life works. Oh, and cool pics about The way my life works. Also, The way my life works.

ha tatum

Ecard - I really love how we can just look at each other and know that we're making fun of the same person.

What could I say besides coffee?? oj, sunshine, sleep, etc...

Hilarious grey COFFEE tank (I'm not ino most tank tops, but it rules. so I would wear it). A great style to kick off my workout!

I need to post this in my house

If my future children are half as stubborn as I am, I will be saying this to them

sipping on my box of juice.

Snoop Dogg Kid - Rolling down the street, eating cheerios, sipping my box of juice. With my mind on my mommy and my mommy on my mind.


Funny Family Ecard: The longer I stay in the shower, the longer I can pretend that the kids aren't fighting or destroying my house.

You know me so well...

You know me so well…

Sometimes just getting out of bed is a major accomplishment. Course, getting to the newest Starbucks takes a few more miracles!


Parenting - children - funny: Screaming no longer fazes me. I now only get up for children at the sound of broken glass or the smell of smoke.

Creative & Cool Halloween Costume Idea: 50 Shades of Grey Costume #DIY

Halloween DIY: 50 Shades of Grey Costume

DIY Halloween: 50 Shades of Grey Costume DIY Halloween DIY Costumes lmao I have this shirt and could totally do this!