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#30Rockelganger / Liz Lemon

@aliciagauvin: @nbc30rock the bf and I dressed up as Liz Lemon and Dennis Duffy for Halloween last year #30rockelganger

@VERRRRRONICA: @nbc30rock Anything is possible on Halloween. #30rockelganger

@AaronGWilliams: So this is my father. @nbc30rock #30Rockelganger

  • Jonna Isaac
    Jonna Isaac


  • Ann White
    Ann White

    LOL. And that is a great shirt.

  • Larry Victor
    Larry Victor

    Dead ringer. Seriously, is his last name Baldwin?

  • Lisa Bondy
    Lisa Bondy

    too funny

  • akarasuma

    I had to look twice, honestly.

Trey Hammond: I'm Jack! @nbc30rock #30Rockelganger #30Rock

@idatezombies: @nbc30rock #30Rockelganger I get told I look like Tina Fey every single day of my life. Glasses, no glasses. Always.

@mpressrderrico: @nbc30rock here's my #30rockelganger from Halloween last year...El tejon!

@joshhowe9: @nbc30rock there isn't much more to say. This trumps everyone. #30Rockelganger

  • Ann White
    Ann White


  • Geraldine Perez
    Geraldine Perez


  • Andrew Medina
    Andrew Medina

    Pretty sure I have almost the exact same pic of my mom from the late 70s.

@lizdegen: @nbc30rock Sistah from another mistah #30Rockelganger

Jenna? Liz? #30Rockelganger

@joanspelledjoan: @nbc30rock My husband & I as the ultimate couple for Halloween. Jack & Liz #30rockelganger

@KCoonATLRadio: About once a day someone tells me that I look like Liz Lemon. #30Rockelganger

  • Hert Niks
    Hert Niks

    U do

  • 🐘 🐼
    🐘 🐼

    Darker hair and it would be rseriously good match!

  • Maria Berrier
    Maria Berrier


@DrSTROY: #30rockelganger I dress like Liz Lemon... Not on purpose.

@sharrahmc: #30rockelganger ...

@t28nc3: #30Rockelganger

  • Shelley Aikens Kurt
    Shelley Aikens Kurt

    When I saw this girl on Jeopardy!, I said, "She's going to grow up to be Liz Lemon."

@deadaesthetic: I married Liz Lemon #30Rockelganger

Twitter / bclark856: @nbc30rock @Tea_Pea_Sea - I ...
  • Geraldine Perez
    Geraldine Perez

    working on her night cheese

@boopboop17: Liz Lemon and I lead identical lives, only she's more successful and mine is more unfortunate.#30Rockelganger

@BlackCatBalloon: The pinafore & high-necked blouse were the finest fashions House of Bargains had to offer. #30Rockelganger

@Casifrasss: Natalie circa 1990. A young Liz Lemon. #30Rockelganger

@sw33tmatty: Halloween 2009. Miss Piggy probably wore it better than both of us, though. #30Rockelganger

@Jackyo2000: I, too, prefer men to buy me mozzarella sticks in stead of a drink at a bar. #30rockelganger

@tucci0409: Liz's agent and my Dad circa 1974 #30Rockelganger #30Rock

  • Samantha Alarcon
    Samantha Alarcon