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Andy Bernard

If being amazing means having a bunch of incredible friends, an adorkable girlfriend, great Ivy League style and a killer falsetto, then gosh darnit I guess I'm amazing!

Andy Bernard

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"Who doesn’t love a good Boat and Tote? (Monogrammed, of course. You don’t want yours getting mixed up with the neighbors’ when you’re all out on the sailboat together. Especially since Mr. Beaufort is known to keep coke in his, and I’m not talking about the kind that goes well with burgers…)" - Andy Bernard

"Just because you’re done with the day does NOT mean you have to be done being legen… wait for it… dary! That’s right, folks. I’m talking about Barney Stinson's Premium Silk Suit Pajamas as worn on 'How I Met Your Mother.' They’re $95, but that’s a small price to pay to look your snazziest in the bedroom ;)" - Andy Bernard

"How epic is this Frisbee golf basket? Makes me wanna hit the park and frolf it up ASAP! I’m not gonna buy it though. It would totes turn me into a frolfoholic." - Andy Bernard

  • jenna

    "I live to frolf!" - Nard Dog :)

"A lot of people hate on the bow tie, but riddle me this – could Abraham Lincoln, Karl Lagerfeld, Diane Keaton and Andy Bernard all be wrong? Not likely." - Andy Bernard

  • Chris McIntosh
    Chris McIntosh

    dont forget Dr. WHO

  • Chris McIntosh
    Chris McIntosh

    dont forget Dr. WHO

  • Julie Stevenson
    Julie Stevenson

    "bow ties are COOL."

  • Sarah Dupper
    Sarah Dupper

    Bow ties are indeed cool...but jeeze, Andy, please don't start wearing Fezzes.

  • jenna

    I like andy's sweaters more than his ties. :)

"What do you guys think of this license plate frame? I’m kind of over my Swarovski bedazzled one." - Andy Bernard

"Nothing says summer quite like a Nantucket rope bracelet. Whenever I’m wearing one, I feel like I’m right back at The Cape on family vacay: sand, sun, sea, staying with the help and listening to all their interesting stories while my dad took my brothers fishing… Awesome times." - Andy Bernard

Bracelets from MIANSAI by Michael Saiger

"Who’s thirsty?! Well you can’t have any of this. It cost me four hundred bucks. It’s a bottle of Chateau Margaux 1995, pretty much the best wine in the entire world. I think I like it so much ‘cause it reminds me of Erin – it’s a beautiful young red that’s full-bodied, earthy and interesting. Though ironically enough, Erin hates it. She says it tastes like a lead pencil." - Andy Bernard

"I’ve been looking for a way to set my keys apart, and I think this button keychain’ll do just the trick. Plus it’s a cheerful way to let others know I’m a legit banjo player without having to tote my banjo around everywhere. Alright who am I kidding, I’ll always have m’banj with me. You just never know when you’ll need to perform a little impromptu Foggy Mountain Breakdown…" - Andy Bernard

"When I saw this sweater vest, one word came to mind: noishe! First off – love that it’s ribbed. If a sweater vest ain’t ribbed, it’s a “sweater mess.” You need ribbing for that snug as a bug fit. Second – it’s Cornell red. Need I say more? Just ordered 15." - Andy

  • Virginia Fernandez
    Virginia Fernandez

    That's baby blue to me *confused*

"This poster really *resonates* with me. I don’t think I can *refrain* from purchasing it. It’ll *harmonize* well with the décor in my office." - Andy Bernard

Musical Timing Black

"Classic, high quality, comfortable, looks great. But enough about me, let’s talk about this sweatshirt! ;)" - Andy Bernard

"When this luxury yacht launched back in ‘06 I was like, holy ship! It’s rudderly ridiculous, and I need it right now. Unfortch it’s a hot 76 million. I know I’m the boss and all, but that’s a little out of my price range at this juncture…" - Andy Bernard