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Coach CeeLo

Coach CeeLo

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The Voice - Season 5 Blind Auditions / CeeLo Green

CeeLo Green and Juliet Simms: "Only You!"

  • Aehr Ey
    Aehr Ey

    Better than the original version❤️

Hope you had a great St. Patrick’s Day! #TheVoice #TeamCeeLo

NBC's The Voice • Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Don't mess with CeeLo Green! #VoiceFinale

Live: The Finale Photos from The Voice on
  • Shi

    he looks like bowser from Mario games lol still love ya ceeLo you are awesome and a sweet guy!! God bless ♥

  • Laura Ladbrook
    Laura Ladbrook

    This was my favourite look!

St. CeeLo #VoiceFinale

CeeLo Green #TheVoice

  • Deloise Hood
    Deloise Hood

    CeeLo I love your new Christmas CD plus, I saw you singing with The Muppets my favorite puppet group I love the little two older guys there the hettlers .

Thumbs up for Coach CeeLo Green! #TheVoice

Semifinals Live Photos from The Voice on
  • Joyce Adkisson
    Joyce Adkisson


  • Joyce Adkisson
    Joyce Adkisson


CeeLo Green #TheVoice

Live: The Final 6 Results Photos from The Voice on

Only you could pull this off CeeLo Green. #TheVoice

Live: The Final 6 Photos from The Voice on

CeeLo Green is a muppet! #TheVoice

  • Fiore


  • Deloise Hood
    Deloise Hood

    I love the Muppets been a fan for years .

CeeLo Green #TheVoice

CeeLo + Muppets = perfection. #TheVoice

Live Results: The Final 8 Photos from The Voice on

It's not east bein' Green! #TheVoice

Live Results: The Final 8 Photos from The Voice on
  • Marissa Littleton
    Marissa Littleton

    I wish I could meet Kermit the frog.

CeeLo and Kermit: "Bein' Green" - #TheVoice

  • Deloise Hood
    Deloise Hood

    CeeLo and Kermit what a team "Bein Green" a beautiful duet . My favorite muppets the two older guys.

The Muppets visit #TheVoice tonight, including a performance by CeeLo Green and Kermit the Frog!

Coach CeeLo #TheVoice

CeeLo with the shades. #TheVoice

Live Top 12 Performances Photos from The Voice on

CeeLo and a staff. #MakeTheWorldMove #TheVoice

CeeLo Green #MakeTheWorldMove #TheVoice

Do you have CeeLo fever! #TeamCeeLo #TheVoice

Live Results for the Top 12 Showdown | The Voice | NBC
  • Zoe Peek
    Zoe Peek

    I have Adam fever!!!

  • Kirsten Leak
    Kirsten Leak

    I have Shelton fever !

  • Fiore

    I have CEE LO fever :)

#TeamCeeLo - Strange and Beautiful

NBC's The Voice • #TeamCeeLo - Strange and Beautiful
  • Clarita Rojas
    Clarita Rojas

    Great talent you are the winner!!!!!

A patriotic CeeLo Green! #TheVoice #TeamCeeLo

Photos | Pictures & Photo Galleries | The Voice | NBC
  • Sue Pollack
    Sue Pollack

    Looking pretty it!

  • Kristen Degenaars Davis
    Kristen Degenaars Davis

    Love him

What will CeeLo wear next? #TeamCeeLo #TheVoice

The Live Playoffs, Part 1 Photos from The Voice on

Ladies from #TeamAdam and #TeamBlake performing "Peace of Mind." #Playoffs #TheVoice