The 66th Primetime Emmys

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The 66th Primetime Emmys

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Debra Messing looked fabulous at the Emmys. We're excited for The Mysteries of Laura premiering September 24th.

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Minnie Driver at the #Emmys. Can't wait for the return of About a Boy October 14th!

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  • Gina Duran
    Gina Duran

    Minnie, I have always been a fan. You look phe and amazing!

  • Gina Duran
    Gina Duran

    I sent the message too soon! I meant phenomenal and your baby is just precious!

Adam and Gwen lookin' fancy last night. Less than a month 'til they're back together again on The Voice!

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  • Hope Ramsey
    Hope Ramsey no, she did NAWT look 'fancy'...she looked like shit

Weird Al doing his thing at the Emmys last night.

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Katherine Heigl looked stunning! We can't wait to see her in State of Affairs:

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Memorable moment of the night! What was your favorite Emmys 2014 moment?

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  • Samantha Miller
    Samantha Miller

    I am pretty sure that was my 2014 favorite Emmy Award's moment. That was pretty amazing.

Congrats to Breaking Bad on the big win! It's a wrap for the 66th Emmys!

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  • Kat Mendoza
    Kat Mendoza

    BrBa cleaned up shop tonight

  • Victoria L. Crow watercolorist
    Victoria L. Crow watercolorist

    What happened to Revenge? That is a GREAT Show?

Modern Family just made history with a fifth Emmy win. That's what happens when you make it easy for people to laugh.

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  • Elizabeth Ernst
    Elizabeth Ernst

    Favorite show ever!!!!

  • Jamie Malone
    Jamie Malone

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this!

  • Hannah Havrilla
    Hannah Havrilla

    Love Sarah Hyland in this show

When life gives you lemons, watch Modern Family

TV & movie tidbits (33 photos)

Reasons "Modern Family's" Cameron Tucker Is A Total Gem

20 Reasons "Modern Family's" Cameron Tucker Is A Total Gem
  • Abbi L
    Abbi L

    Poor Lilly in the background

  • SleepBamboo® Sheets
    SleepBamboo® Sheets

    By far Cam and Lily...are the stars of the show, love him!!

Bryan Cranston, the man. Take a chance...

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  • Lexi Pigott
    Lexi Pigott's spelled correctly...

Oh Julia Roberts! That smile!

LOOK: The Truest Things Women Have Said About Love
  • Debbie Bambulas
    Debbie Bambulas

    Says the woman who took another woman's husband!

Congrats to Julianna Margulies on your Emmy Award!

Julianna Margulies from 2014 Emmys: Winners

Breaking Bad. Excellent writing wins Emmys.

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  • Pooja Jagad
    Pooja Jagad

    Inspiring words..

  • Adriane H
    Adriane H

    one of the best series ever!

Scandal | Season 3 | Promotional Episode Photos | Episode 3.16 - The Fluffer

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Cary Joji Fukunaga congrats on your Emmy Award!

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  • Sally Girl
    Sally Girl

    What a cutie!

  • Tanielle Atallah
    Tanielle Atallah

    Really cute

Anna Gunn wins another Supporting Actress Emmy for ‘Breaking Bad’ Congrats!

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Billy Crystal speaks about the late Robin Williams at the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

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  • Quality Nature
    Quality Nature

    So sad.... I can't believe he's gone :-(

  • Leslie Lawrence Tamayo
    Leslie Lawrence Tamayo

    Billy Crystal better not be thinking about leaving us anytime soon either!

  • Paula Alameda
    Paula Alameda

    I only wish more could have been said about such an amazing person and some of his movie clips shown. Not enough time was given. We were left hangin. :(

  • Quality Nature
    Quality Nature

    I agree Paula...

  • Paula Alameda
    Paula Alameda

    Thank you Quality Nature. My sisters and I just sat there dumb founded and even sadder than before! The world should have been left with an "Awww, what a touching reminder of him." (you don't have to respond, I just needed to say it.)

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“You will have bad times, but they will always wake you up to the stuff you weren’t paying attention to.” - Robin Williams

Robin Williams Quote
  • anne ruemler
    anne ruemler

    So true!!!

Watch Seth Meyers' introduction to the 66th Primetime Emmys.

Emmy Awards | NBC

Must-See Moment: Actors Matt Bomer and Mark Ruffalo pose in the press room during the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

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  • Daniela Garcia
    Daniela Garcia

    My boyfriend!

  • Reema Singh
    Reema Singh

    Lookin' Hot!! lol ♥

Breaking Bad, 2014 Primetime Emmy Nominee for Outstanding Drama Series

Breaking Bad | Television Academy
  • Cindy Neisler
    Cindy Neisler

    Lmao at you both!

  • K.A.L.D

    Huh I'm confused I wasn't even talking to you Sara what lol

  • Sara Lamb
    Sara Lamb

    Exactly. ;P just teasing

  • K.A.L.D

    Okay lol you're funny!

  • Cindy Neisler
    Cindy Neisler

    I was laughing. Lol

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Downton Abbey, 2014 Primetime Emmy Nominee for Outstanding Drama Series

Downton Abbey | Television Academy

Game Of Thrones, 2014 Primetime Emmy Nominee for Outstanding Drama Series

Game Of Thrones

House of Cards, 2014 Primetime Emmy Nominee for Outstanding Drama Series

House of Cards | Television Academy
  • Jessica Price
    Jessica Price

    Best show EVER!!!!!

  • Hannah Riley
    Hannah Riley

    My fav :)