St. Lucia

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Bora Bora....dream vacation

Ocean Huts in Bora Bora. *sigh* I want to vacation in a place has such things as "ocean huts".

Morning Ritual = Results

You don't do all of these at once. You start at the bottom do the exercises everyday until they aren't a challenge anymore and then you move up in reps. The idea is eventually you will be able to do all of them, working up to Morning Ritual = Results

lavender lemonade, signature drink

{Lemon + Lavender}: A Palette of Lavender, Antique Gold, Light Yellow + White

Flavoring your lemonade with lavender is a great way to utilize the amazing medicinal properties of lavender. Lavender is a wonderful aromatic herb that calms the senses. Pure lavender oil is an incredible essential oil.

white ink! so cool

Get this tattoo: white ink, infinity, love. ♥ everything about this. Definitely getting this tattoo someday!


Photo Design Project: Valentine's Day

Crush Drink Buy Crush soda in a glass bottle and tie a card to the soda with a ribbon. Write “ The best type of valentines day crush is the kind you drink”.